Raleigh Transitional Alimony Attorney

Transitional Alimony

Divorce is a major change, affecting nearly all aspects of your life. Some spouses are better equipped to deal with the financial aspects of divorce than others. Actions like finding a new place to live and moving out become necessary, but the costs involved can add up quickly. If these costs are worrying you, ask your Raleigh family lawyer if transitional alimony could help you make that transition a little more comfortably.

What is Transitional Alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support, is a divorce-related agreement where a certain sum of financial support is paid from one spouse to another, usually on a monthly basis. There are several types of alimony available. Even if you don’t qualify for permanent or rehabilitative alimony, you may still qualify for transitional alimony.

Transitional alimony is relatively new in the legal world, and is a short-term agreement lasting a finite time agreed upon in court. The purpose of transitional alimony is to help a spouse make a smoother transition from married life to single life. While it isn’t meant to be used as a primary source of income, it can give you the funds for a payment on a house, a security deposit on an apartment, moving costs, or other necessities to start the next chapter of your life.

Raleigh’s Family Lawyer

Our firm’s Raleigh family lawyers have years of experience handling many types of alimony cases for clients throughout Raleigh and surrounding counties. Transitional alimony is a relatively new form of alimony. If you think you might be eligible, a good attorney can help you make your case before the court. To discuss your options with a top Raleigh family lawyer, contact us to schedule a free consultation today.