Relocation of Children

Whenever a decision is made following a divorce, a major factor to consider is what is best for your children. Sometimes your life demands a relocation, whether for your career or to be closer to family. When this happens, you must prove to the court that your decision was made with your children in mind. To help you make your case, you need a Raleigh family lawyer with experience in child relocation.

What is Relocation of Children and How Does This Affect My Family?

When lawyers and judges say “relocation of children,” they are basically referring to a parent moving with his or her children. When you share custody or visitation with an ex-spouse, relocating can become a complicated process. A court must decide if your relocation, which usually takes your children farther from their other parent, is acting within your children’s best interests. A good Raleigh family lawyer can help you make your case.

One thing making relocation easier is changing technology. Virtual visitation, through video conferencing programs such as Skype or iChat, is making it easier for children and parents to bond even when they are miles apart. While these virtual programs are not yet recognized in North Carolina as a viable alternative to in-person visitation, your Raleigh family lawyer can tell you whether the availability of such programs can help with your case.

Raleigh’s Family Lawyer

Our Raleigh family lawyers have years of experience defending parents on both sides of relocation, visitation, and other child custody cases in Raleigh and surrounding areas. We understand that your children are of the utmost importance to you, and we are dedicated to protecting their best interests and your rights as a parent. If you are considering relocation, don’t take chances by going unrepresented. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Raleigh family lawyer today.