Raleigh Property Rights Attorney

Over the course of your marriage, you and your spouse inevitably collect assets and properties together. When going through a divorce, North Carolina has laws in place for the equal division and distribution of this property. To make sure that your best interests are preserved during this division, contact a Raleigh family lawyer immediately.

Keeping Your Property Division Equal and Fair

North Carolina is not a “community property” state. Instead, it may be up to the court to decide which of your properties can be considered “marital property” and how they should be distributed. If you decide to go through the courts, there are laws dedicated to the “equitable distribution” of your marital properties. It is a good idea to have a reputable family lawyer with you to ensure that your personal property remains your own and that property is divided fairly.

You can also avoid court decisions altogether by dividing your properties through mediation. In this method, an impartial family lawyer can guide you and your spouse in reaching personal decisions regarding your properties and assets. While this method doesn’t work for everyone, it is a great way to take control of your own life and divorce, and many Raleigh family lawyers recommend it with litigation as a last choice.

Raleigh’s Family Lawyer

Our Raleigh family lawyers have had years of success representing clients on both sides of property disputes in Raleigh and surrounding counties. We are experienced in both mediation and litigation, ensuring a favorable outcome for you no matter how you decide to proceed with your case. For more information, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Raleigh family lawyer today.