Property Division Alimony

When you are going through a divorce, the court may ask you and your spouse to divide up your properties equally. When there is a house or another big ticket item involved, equal division might mean selling the item and splitting the profits. But what do you do when there is an especially meaningful property at stake? If this is your situation, contact a Raleigh family lawyer immediately to discuss the possibility of property division alimony.

What is Property Division Alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support, is a divorce-related agreement where a certain sum of financial support is paid from one spouse to another, usually on a monthly basis. Property division alimony, or “alimony in lieu of property division,” is a way to substitute financial support payments instead of dividing up properties that you might not want to divide.

Property division alimony can allow you to keep your asset division proceedings fair and equal, without having to give up important items in your life. A good Raleigh alimony lawyer can tell you if property division alimony could work for your family.

Raleigh’s Family Lawyer

Our firm’s Raleigh alimony lawyers have successfully handled many cases involving property division and alimony in Raleigh and surrounding counties. We know that sometimes a property can mean so much more to you than its market value. If you have precious properties, don’t take chances by going unrepresented: you could end up losing it all. Instead, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Raleigh family lawyer today.