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Modification of Alimony

When you make all of your original agreements during your divorce, you probably feel confident that everything is settled and set in stone. Nothing is permanent, however. If a major change in your life has made your alimony agreement unsatisfactory, talk to a Raleigh family lawyer immediately about filing for a modification of alimony.

As you know, alimony is a divorce-related agreement where a certain sum of financial support is paid from one spouse to another, usually on a monthly basis. During your divorce, the court most likely assigned a reasonable measure of alimony to be paid between you and your spouse. If there has been a substantial change in your life or your spouse’s, the court could decide to modify your agreement, increasing or decreasing the amount of alimony to be paid.

Our Raleigh Family Lawyer Can Advise You

Not everyone is eligible for a modification of alimony, but there are many circumstances where such a change is necessary. Some examples include:

Whether you need an increase in alimony or can no longer pay the required amount, it is important that formally file for a modification of alimony. Without a formal filing, your spouse will not be required to comply with anything outside of the original agreement. This additional work may seem complicated, but a good Raleigh alimony lawyer can help you file the appropriate paperwork and build a case to advocate your position before the court.


Our Raleigh family lawyers have successfully handled many types of alimony cases for clients throughout Raleigh and surrounding counties. If you think you are eligible for a modification of alimony, the right legal representation can go a long way in presenting your case. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Raleigh family lawyer today.