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Military Divorce

A military marriage is a unique thing. The isolation of new stations and months spent apart during deployments can really take a toll on your relationship. Sometimes a divorce becomes the only option, but a military divorce can also have some unique concerns. If you are a servicemember or dependent of the U.S. military, you need a Raleigh family lawyer with significant experience in military family law.

Divorce and the Military

All divorces can be difficult, but military divorces have special concerns that civilians never have to consider. How do you divide assets such as military retirement and pension funds? How will your deployments and constant relocations affect your custody and visitation rights? Will your divorce affect your pay rate? How will that affect any assigned alimony?

The answers to these questions can be complex, and unique to your situation. For example, special custody modifications may be in order each time you are reassigned. Your Raleigh military divorce lawyer can review your case and explain your best options.

Our Raleigh Family Lawyer Is Highly Effective

Our Raleigh family lawyers have years of experience representing military servicemembers and dependents in Raleigh and surrounding counties. If you are involved in the military and considering a divorce, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Raleigh family lawyer today.