Raleigh Family Divorce Attorney

Enforcement of Court Orders

When you are going through with a divorce, many decisions will be made in court concerning issues like child custody, alimony, and property division. Once the divorce is finalized, the court expects both parties to adhere to these decisions. If your spouse is neglecting or deliberately breaking a court order, contact a Raleigh family lawyer immediately to file for an enforcement of court orders.

Upholding the Importance of Court Orders

Court orders are made with good reason, and both spouses are required to follow them. When a spouse refuses to comply, it can be anything from frustrating to downright frightening. Deep emotions and vengeance can continue to linger long after a divorce, and a spouse might withhold child support or even visitation rights out of spite. This is not just an inconvenience, but a very serious legal issue that demands action.

A good family law attorney can help you take that action, filing the necessary paperwork and building a case to prosecute your spouse with authority. If the court finds that your spouse is in contempt of court orders, he or she can be subjected to serious consequences, ranging from jail time to wage garnishment until your owed amounts are paid back in full.

Sometimes there is a reason for failing to comply with a court order. A sudden change in income from a lost job or illness can make it impossible to keep up with previous alimony or child support arrangements. If this is the case, you and your spouse can work out a modification of court orders in order to best benefit the both of you.

Our Raleigh Family Lawyer Has Years of Experience

With our law firm, our Raleigh family lawyers have years of experience litigating trials involving enforcement of court orders for our clients throughout Raleigh and surrounding counties. If your spouse is not holding up his or her end of your bargain, don’t be afraid to fight back. Contact us for a free consultation with a top Raleigh family lawyer today.