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Contempt of Court

Divorce comes with many rules and regulations. You and your ex-spouse are bound to rules governing child support, custody, visitation, alimony payments, and many more important points. If either spouse fails to uphold his or her end of these rules, the spouse can be found “in contempt of court.” This is a charge that can have serious consequences. Whether you are being charged with contempt, or wish to charge your spouse for failing to comply with court orders, you need proper legal representation from a skilled Raleigh family lawyer to help make your case.

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Contempt of court is a legal term, in which a judge finds the defendant to have disobeyed or shown disrespect of the court’s authority. If your spouse fails or refuses to comply with any court orders or settlement agreements put forth during your divorce, the court can formally enforce those orders through a contempt charge. If you are found to be in contempt, you could face serious penalties ranging from jail time to wage garnishment.

Sometimes you find yourself charged with contempt despite your best efforts. An erratic work schedule or the loss of your income could make regular visitation or child support payments impossible through no fault of your own. Still, being found guilty of contempt can have disastrous effects on your record and your future rights to visitation or custody. If you have been charged with contempt, contact a Raleigh family lawyer to defend you and fight for a modification of court orders.

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